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The Scottish Standard website was setup a couple of months before the Scottish Referendum. We thought that the online community deserved to know the whole story, regarding national and international news, as it seemed that the mainstream media had biased views when reporting particular topics of news.

Since the last month or so before the Scottish Referendum, it has become more apparent that this has been happening.

The mainstream media has become the establishment media. We are given the news that they want us to be given. If you have a look behind all the tabloids, you will see relationships with the three main political parties. If you look behind the TV Channels, you will see similar relationships.

What a sorry state of affairs.


Update - 10th October 2016

Now that we have had the, "Brexit Vote", it has become more apparent than ever that Scotland's voice must be heard. After the recent implode with the UK Labour Party, the PLP seem to be hell-bent on destroying the Labour Party. The Conservative Party seem have turned into UKIP.

Sigh, all I can hear in my head, is, "we've got to get out of this place....", before it is too late. I cannot help but think that the UK Government are bringing the UK down, and trying to take Scotland with them.

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