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What is the SNP playing at? Featured

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Many of you may have noticed that there are a lot of issues within the SNP at the moment. Many of you seem to think this is just in the, "Scottish Twitter", bubble.

Yesterday, Nicola Sturgeon tweeted in support of prospective MSP's, with regards to allegations of abuse and told folks to stand strong and don't be silenced:

I see a problem with this. It appears that Nicola Sturgeon has not condemned abuse that some of her own politicans have received.

One cannot be promoting a fairer and more equal society in Scotland if one is not condeming abuse that ALL prospective and current politicans receive.

In other words, they must be the wrong type of politican.

But have no fear. This may appear to be just in the Scottish Twitter bubble, but I can assure you, the British Nationalist parties will use this to beat the SNP with a stick in the forthcoming elections (if we are even allowed to have an election).

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