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How to spot a narcissist

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Before I learned what narcissism meant, the only person I could think of was someone like Tony Stark as I did not fully understand the concept of it until recently. That original perception was naïve to think looking back.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a personality disorder that gives people an over-inflated sense of own importance, a desperate need for admiration & attention, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy towards others.


Here are the signs when spotting a narcissist  


They mostly talk about themselves and how great they are. 

Narcissists feel the need to talk about themselves because it makes them feel better and more superior to everyone else as it helps create that persona of them coming across as confident and self-assured. It is however the opposite asit’s a layer that covers their insecurities.

They lack empathy. 

Empathy means the ability to understand and share the feelings of another human being. Narcissists don’t have that privilege which means they can’tvalidateunderstand or accept you because there is no capacity to comprehend feelings. This also means they simply cannot sympathise and because they lack the empathy that’s the reason why their relationships always collapse.

They don’t have any or many long-term friends.

Narcissists don’t have any meaningful, long-term friends but may have acquaintances, casual friends at the pub, and frenemies. The reason for this being is because they’re only interested in what that person has to offer in terms of a supply which can include finances, limitless special treatment, people who adhere to the person’s demands, and even admiration.

They can never be wrong. 

People with NPD can never be wrong as it means the opposite person is superior to them which also means they are a threat to their own delusion of grandeur. They will go above and beyond to prove their innocence by gaslighting which means psychological manipulation used to make the victim doubt their own sanity.

Sense of entitlement 

Narcissistic entitlement is motivated by own self of over-inflated importance, uniqueness, and superiority which means they believe they deserve special treatment which means they are likely to disrespect someone’s boundaries. 

Narcissistic rage 

When narcissists feel threatened or if you are not showing them enough respect they tend to try and get their own version of control back with intense bursts of anger or silence that threatens the victim.


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